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    Coming of decca when should i start hcg and clomid

    Ive been taking Decca fro the past 12 weeks with my last shot last friday. i started at 200mg went to 600mg and then back to 200mg evenly. Do i need clomid and hcg and if so when do i need to start them. i was told that you should wait until 2 week safter your last shot to start them as the decca stays active? Please some one help me out

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    Clomid should start 3 weeks after last Deca shot, as far as Hcg , you'll find 101 recommendations on when to take, do some research and decide which better suites you. My last cycle was with Deca and I used Hcg 8 days after last deca shot, ran it 500 iu's a day for 10 days, stopping 5 days before clomid PCT. Couldn't really tell if it helped much, so I'll try a different method next time. Some will say Hcg is not needed unless your cycle was 16 to 20 weeks or longer, but again that's something you can decide for yourself.If no testicular atrophy or reduced libido Hcg is probably not needed. IMO

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