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    i was just about pissed!!!!

    I havent been on here in a while, been busy with school and what not... so anyway, i get the urge to read up on biggreens journal and try to come to my beloved ar message board... and what do you know- you guys go and change everything!!! i end up on fitness geared and everything is all "strange" but the weird thing is that they have my profile? anyway, i was stress for about 15 min.. wondering what the f to do.. then i found a familiar name ptbyjason... anyway-- think of what you would do if this board was no more.
    ps.. not knocking FG, but its not AR...

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    things needed updating so that was taken care of.

    times change. to keep up, we've got to change.

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    yea when ar first changed i was a lil irratated cuz i was used to the conventional but now i like it...seems more user friendly

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    I'm happy with the changes - minus losing my title based on how many posts I've done...

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    One change that irritates me is I have to uncheck the tick box next to 'Remember my username/password' every single time I login. NO I DON'T WANT YOU TO REMEMBER MY USERNAME OR PASSWORD!

    On the whole I think the AR team have done a cracking job and many of the updates make the site operate better.

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    I think the site is incredible! Very easy to use, easy navigate. I've gone to a bunch of other sites, but they just don't compare to AR

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