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    Smile Cardio while on a bulking cycle ???

    I am doing a bulking cycle and would like to know how much cardio to do a week and for how long. i am not trying to lose fat at the moment, but would like to keep the hearth healthy and get better endurance. Basically i don't want to hinder gains, but still wanna get good endurance and keep the hearth healthy. Right now i don't do any cardio other than 5 min warmup on stair master.

    I am doing test enanthate at 500mg a week for 12 weeks.

    diet is 400 plus grams of protein
    5000 plus calories
    5-600 grams of carbs
    150-175 grams of fat.

    height is 6 feet weight is 250 and body fat estimated is around 18-20%.


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    I try not to do any while I'm bulking but once or twice a week would be ok I guess. Just make sure you eat enough to compensate.

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    this is always so confusing to me, its simple logics, if x = 2 then x = 2, x isn't 3, its 2, same for bulking, if increased androgens, increased calories, sleep, and training are the variables then weight gain is the product, if your burning those calories doing cardio aren't you kinda defeating the purpose? you are burning increased calories(one of the variables that results in the product) needed for growth, come on...jmo

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    I agree with RON and DJ. Do very little, if any, cardio or you are just burning the calories you are consuming to gain weight. If you do decide to do a cardio session then consume a few extra calories that day to compensate.

    I stick with heavy squats and swimming while bulking to work my cardio vascular system.

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