I was told not to touch deca alone so I will not. According to my finance this what I thought I could. finaplexgold 3 pins per week (100mg) for 5weeks and test prob 100mg for 10 weeks.
cycle week1-5 fina
week1-10 test prob
week 3-8 t-3
week 11-14 clomid and clen
2months off. then again in januray. This due to christmass and feb break it is short I have to do my clomid before the break I don't want to be depressed on the trip.
cycle 2
week1-5 fina
week1-5test prob
week1-5 t-3
maybe winny? financially able by then.
2weeks clen and 2 weeks eca
2 weeks of clomid before spring break.

cycle history