I trying to get ready for a show next year. I am currently 24 yrs old, 6"3", 264 pds. I have 26 1/2 quad, 38 inch waist, 18 1/2" neck, 19 1/2" arms, and 50" chest. I have been taking 1250 mg of Quality vet enanthate a week and 100 mg of fina eod ( I have been doing this for 4 wks). My trianer has put me on a different cycle than I have ever tried, he wants he to take 1 1/2 cc of 250 enanthate a week, 50 mg of fina eod, 1 amp of zambon winny eod, 1 clen (.04mg) on 1st day, 2 on 2nd day and 3 on 3rd day stay with 3 for 2 wks and then go off for 2wks and take a thermogenic, and then back on, and I am also going to take cytomel (25 mg) 1 on 1st day, 2 on 2nd day and 3 on 3rd and stay with this the whole cycle. He is planning on this running for 50 days. Since I have never done a show or tried to cut I was wondering if this was enough (or too much), and keep in mind the show I am aiming for is one year away. I am eating lots of chicken and steak and only have carbs in the morning after I do cardio for 25 minutes on a empty stomach, and carbs after w.o. ( including protien shakes I am eating 9 times a day). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.