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    wat do u guys think of this cycle for cut/ lean muscle gain?

    HI this is my first time on the forum as this will be my first time using AS. Id appreciate ne imput you guys have. Im currently 6'0 200 lbs at 12 % bf and im goin on a cycle 2 cut down and gain lean muscle. It will look sumttin like this.

    Deca Winny Clen Clomid T3
    weeks 1 400 mg/w 50mg/eod 80mcg/d
    weeks 2 400 mg/w 50mg/eod 100mcg/d
    weeks 3 400 mg/w 50mg/eod 120mcg/d
    weeks 4 400 mg/w 50mg/eod 25mg/d 25 mg
    weeks 5 400 mg/w 50mg/eod 50mg/day 50 mg
    weeks 5 400 mg/w 50mg/eod 75mg/day 75 mg
    weeks 7 400 mg/w 50mg/eod 50mg/day 50 mg
    weeks 8 80mcg/d 100mg/d
    weeks 9 100mcg/d 50mg/d
    weeks 10 120mcg/d 50mg/day

    * i do not in any endorse or use any type of anabolic steroid and this post is strictly for recreational purposes.

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    sorry itz hard 2 read. weeks 1- 7 i will b running 400 mg winny/wk and 50 mg deca /day the clenbuterol will vary as shown. I will add t3 in weeks 4-7 and then take clenbuterolw it clomid post cycle in weeks 8-10

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    Add Test. Drop the Deca .

    wks 1-10 400mg Enanthate
    wks 7-12 50mg Winny ED
    wks 1-8 T3 100mcg Max Cycleons Formula
    wks 1-12 Clen

    Anti-e's throughout
    Clomid post cycle
    600mg rALA at least while on orals

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