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    Reducing Bloat at End of cycle....Nolvadex?

    I'm finished with my 9 week Sust. cycle on Friday, and have Nolvadex on hand. I'm going to begin dieting since I put on about 30 pounds, and am considerably bloated. I've heard that Nolvadex at the end of a cycle works great, and can even be beneficial at helping to possible reduce estrogen induced fat deposits (i.e. love handles). Is this true of Novadex being run at the end?

    Ran Sust every 4 days for 9 weeks!
    Week1: 6'5" 235lbs.
    Week9: 265lbs.

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    You should have ran the nolva through the cycle at 20mg a day. Then you wouldn't have bloated. Now that your cycle is over you should see the bloat go away in a few weeks or sooner.

    Also it's a good idea to run nolva through PCT with clomid.

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