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    in the gym

    overtraining on steroids?

    I have heard many opinions on the best training routine while on steroids to not overtrain, and that it can differ depending on what your taking during your cycle, but i would like to know what you think is the best split(days on and days off) workout during a cycle?

    My split looks a little something like this, although i haven't started my cycle yet:

    day 1: chest
    day 2: arms
    day 3: off
    day 4: shoulders, tris
    day 5: Back
    day 6: Legs
    day 7 off

    By the way my cycle is going to be an 8wks of sust 250ml wk 1-3 1cc, wk 4-5 2cc, wk 6-8 1cc, followed by clomid 3 wks after

    I would like to know if anyone has overtrained while on a cycle and what the effects were for you as well?

    Thanks bros

    I know i'm a newbie so i appreciate you giving me your advice to help me out

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    1. that cycle doesnt make any sense, DO NOT TAPER SUS! IT DOES NOT WORK ! just stay at 500 mg/s from week 1 - 8!

    2. dont overtrain, but train alot harder, like when i bulked on sus i gained 25 lbs of mass and like 4 lbs fat ! all u need to do is go to the gym, put on some hardcore music and lift ur ass off, lift heavy, lift till u r red as hell !

    3. eat eat eat eat eat !

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    You can still overtrain on a cycle.

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    how do u prevent over-training when u r not on gear? the same principle should still apply when u r cycling.

    check u weight, if u r not gaining then reduce volume or up ur cals or both. make sure u have enough rest.

    me $0.02



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    When I cycle I work like this
    Day1 Chest/Tri
    Day2 Back/Bi
    Day3 Off
    Day4 Shoulders/Forearms
    Day5 Legs/Abs
    Day6 Off
    Day7 Back to first day.
    You recover quicker while cycling. Lift hard keep it no longer than 1 1/2 hr. But this works for me just a thought.

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    Eat like a horse and get your 8 hours. No longer than 1.5 hours a day. 2 days rest somewhere in a 6-7 day lifting cycle. Make sure you get your protein 1/2 hour post workout along w/ your essentials and carbs along w/ cals. That 1/2 hour post lift is the major recovery period feeding your muscles the nutrients for rebuilding (recovery). Juice it up along w/ 6-8 meals/shakes a day and your will, no matter who you are, grow like the hulk!!!

    lift w/ major intensity. Every rep to the fulles ROM and nice and slow!!! That is a major factor in your gym session. Slow, intense, proper formed reps are key!

    happy growing....

    ...and that's my .o2

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    Proper form and heavy as fucking shit. TRAIN HARD OR GO HOME

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    The best way I have found to prevent overtraining, and to maintain steady progress, is to keep a detailed training journal. I document exercises/sets/reps/rest/how I feel...*"tough but good...could have gone more weight...or, shitty set...only got 4 reps." You get the next time I workout that muscle I know if I'm guess work. I have made an increase in either reps or weight for every workout since I have started with journals. If for some reason you seem to stagnate, add an addl day off between workouts until you get back on track. If your workouts are intense & heavy and you stop progressing...that doesnt neccessarilly mean to add sets! Sometime you can grow from taking more time off. The more muscle tissue you have, the more work your body has to do to heal it...make sense? More definatle isnt always better.



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    When I hit the wall I either take a week off or lift harder. I change the order I lift. Like instead of starting heavy then going lighter. I might start light then heavy then light again that usually works.


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