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    Dostinex,Bromo & Dopergin, @ what dose did you exp. sides

    I want to get everyone’s real life data, of when you first experienced any sides and at what dose while taking Dostinex, Bromocriptine and Dopergin. I'll give my brief history with treating my gyno...

    I can't really say how it happened as I've given so much thought as to when I first noticed a lump in my left pec I confuse myself. I can't remember exactly when and where I was along in my cycle. I tried to rationalize and think it happen when I ran out of nolvadex for a brief period about 2 years ago... anyway... Before I begin just to make it clear I had a lump in my left pec bigger than a quarter and a dime size in my right.

    My first treatment went like this .1mg of Dopergin once a day for a week then .2mg once a day for a week, then .1 three times a day for a week and then up to .2mg three times a day for a week. All this was done with 10mg of nolvadex...
    The right lump reduced down next to nothing but the left seemed to only reduce to about a quarter.

    I waited about three weeks and began my next treatment... But this time I had server problems with the first dose of .1mg of Dopergin and I vomited about 30mins afterward... I thought it was something other than the Dopergin and took my second dose 5 hours later... And holy shit my head felt like it was going to crack open. I compare it only to a migraine headache... It was so bad my only cure was to close my eyes and lay down... I started researching the strengths of bromocriptine compared to Dopergin... and there is a reason Dopergin is dose much smaller because it's stronger...
    I decided to go with bromocriptine and almost the same thing happened with three doses of 1.25mg per day. Yet the vomiting was worse... head didn't hurt as bad but friggin still hurt, ya know...

    Any way long story short I don’t think long-term use of these drugs are wise unless you suffer from a warranted disease such as Parkinsons. I think treatments should be ran but in cycles and once a satisfactory treatment occurs make sure and keep up on your anti-e’s after gyno treatment and utilize post cycle AAS therapy after each cycle. I also have found that there is a wide variety of dosage per person but not knowing the effects per dose your best bet is to start slow and not to clime until you realize there is no difference in size after a two week period with the minimal dose.

    I started my third treatment of Dopergin with caution and started with .05mg of Dopergin or a quarter of one tab per day. After a week I bumped the dose to .05 twice a day and began to notice a difference by the end of week two. I also had raised my nolvadex to 60mg for those two weeks. So to not run out on the third week I dropped the nolva to 40mg but raised the Dopergin to .05mg 3 times a day and noticed improved results. so I made a consciences decision and went with .05mg 4 times a day for 4 more weeks with 40mg of nolva.

    I can say there are so many variables in my intake but I no longer have a quarter size lump in my left pec but a pea size. I won’t say that Dopergin is the best drug over Dostinex because I haven't taken it but will say compared to bromocriptine; the low dose of Dopergin compared to low dose of bromocriptine... the Dopergin worked better for me.

    I recommend eating something with each dose because it still is unsettling. I also recommend beginning your intake before bed because I did notice a drowsy feeling after consumption... Now my highest intake the third time around with Dopergin was basically one .2mg tab broken up... But if the drowsy feeling is too heavy I say maybe try increasing your dose but keep it before bed time.

    I will say there additional effects with these drugs... like higher libido and uncalled erections because the wind blew your eyes in the direction of some cutie.

    In all.... I say start with the smallest possible dose even though there is a wide range. Keep track of your intake and note any possible anomalies, don’t just disregard any odd feeling, make note. Keep your anti-e's (Ex. nolvadex) running during and after treatment and if possible include an anti-aromotizer. (Ex. liquidex)
    Until surgery I must keep my case or gyno in check... No that is isn't that bad I feel alot better... I also have to say medication doesn't always work the same for every one you can only try... the sure way to end your gyno problem if there is one is to have surgery.
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    Where did you get your dopergin?

    Can you get it at intl pharms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lift Chief
    Where did you get your dopergin?

    Can you get it at intl pharms?
    I got mine in Mexico 12$ a box

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