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    1st cycle any suggestions?

    Well Ive been lurking the board for about 6 months now getting all the information on AS that I could, before putting anything into my body and now after about studying for a year or so I believe Im ready. Here is what I have came up with so far... First my stats
    175lbs 7-9% bf 5-11 Been training for about 3 years not bodybuilding though Im am into athletics a lot.(Boxing) Im looking for some lean muscle and to lose some bf. I used to be a fat guy (245). Anyway my cycle is as follows..

    wks 1-5 Dbol
    wks 1-10 Test Eth.
    wks 5-10 Winstrol (possible)

    Clomid and Anti E's

    Not looking for massive bulk just to gain a some lean muscle (everyone says im a little guy but I dont think so I guess b/c I used to be a fat guy. Now everyone has given me amounts to take but I thought they were to much for what I want I was thinking about 400(test) 25 (D-bol)
    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griff87
    Not looking for massive bulk just to gain a some lean muscle
    Well, if you are not looking for massive bulk, then a cycle with test that is frontloaded with d-bol is not the way to go. If I were you I would run EQ which is known to add a good amount of lean muscle and will also get you more vascular like you want. Throw in some test at a low dose just to keep you hpta system running properly. No d-bol needed. Try it like this:

    Test 250 weeks 1-10 at 250 mg per week
    EQ 200 weeks 1-10 aat 400 mg per week

    This should give you the results you are looking for. If you want, you can up the test to 500 mg per week and you may gain a little more size.

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    why dont u just bulk up and cut up ?

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    Wks 1-11 Test E 500mg/Wk
    Wks 1-10 EQ 400mg/Wk
    Wks 7-12 Winny 50mg/ED

    Start your post cycle clomid wk13(1 day after your last dose of winny) at 300mg/1st day; 100mg/ED days 2-11; and 50mg/ED days 12-21. Liquidex at .5mg/ED starting wk1 to the end of clomid therpy. Milk thistle and/or ALA at 1000mg/ED as winny is slightly heptoxic.

    Excellent cycle for a newbie. Good gains with the test. The EQ will lean you up and make you vascular and the winny is great for muscle hardness, pumps in the gym, and to help solidify your gains. Train hard, eat clean and keep up on the cardio.

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    I'd have to go with Dragonslayer on this, running the EQ, but the Test En will make you hold water so I'd run Liquidex with it to keep the bloat down. That's what I'mdoing.


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    Good first cycle:

    deca @ 300 mg/ wk for 8 weeks
    dbol @ 25 mgs a day for 6 weeks

    Clomid starting 2 weeks after last shot..


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    I wouldn't even bother with dbols. I've put on quite a bit of mass in the last year and I've only done light cycles. I wouldn't do dbals unless I was trying to bulk up big time.

    Nothing wrong with just doing Test Enathate and letting it kick in nice and slowly.

    My brother is doing a test and winstrol cycle and has put on 8 solid pounds of muscle in the first few weeks with no bloat at all. His test is starting to kick in now and he says that his strengh is going through the roof.

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