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Thread: Clen or cytomel

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    Clen or cytomel

    From what i've learned, both clen and cytomel are excellent fat burners. Which one would be better to use? Or would it be better to use both at the same time? i'm starting a new cutting cycle and i'm trying to decide the best route to go with. Thanks for the help.

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    1. clen should be stacked with t3

    2. i hope u are planning on running var,prop, or winny cause t3 is very catabloic and will eat up muscle like there is no tommorow !

    3. what are ur stats, body fat and all !

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    Gundam is totally correct. T3 is a thyroid hormone and burns up virtually "everything" in your body. Clen should be stacked with T3. Do some research and get some other views...

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