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    what is possible with bread n butter cycle?

    im 23 175lbs done dbol decca sus @ low dosage b4 now i intend to do 200mg deca 500mg test enanthate and d-bol 40mg 6wks i have clomid nolva and proviron on hand i will b tripling my caloric intake quadroupling my protein intake been training for 5 years
    i was wondering if one could increase strength by 50 percent with this cycle and gain around 15lbs of maintainable muscle?

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    1) Are you saying total length of the cycle will be 6 weeks?
    If so...thats way too short. The test will only have just began to kick in.....shoot for 8-12 weeks...up the deca to 400 the test is ok there if this is only your 2nd cycle.
    2) Run the d-bol for the 1st 4 weeks only...
    3)Are you eating that poorly now, that you have to double or triple your intake? WOW
    4)15 lbs should be no sweat and as for the 50% increase in strength...are you a bodybuilder or powerlifter? Adjust your routine accordingly.
    5)Sounds like you need to get your affairs in order before you consider another cycle.



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    Way To Short

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    no the cycle will be for 12 wks and dbol run for 6

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