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    needles pinz and amps

    Ive got a quick question about how much drug is actually in an amp, 250 ml/mg wtf, thinkin of cytahoh sust but how much would I really be taking, they say 250 a week, so is that all in one shot( at least I thought so), is that all one amp?

    and on the same topic how are the measurements in the needles, ml/mg/iu

    once again any help would be apreciated

    one more thing, what kind of needles do I need, 22g for insertion, and a larger to draw, but do I really need the needles to be interchangable into the syringe,
    I know some dumb questions but the only dumb question is the unanswered one, so I guess its a smart question.... or at least less dumb
    holla back

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    depending on the size of the amp. if one amp is 1 ml than there is 250mgs in the amp. if it is a 10cc vial, than its per mL. You can get all sorts of needles, but mine are in cc. 1mL-1cc.

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    OK there's a lot of questions there so I'll start the ball rolling.

    Sust does come in 250mg/ml depending on the brand. so for a 250mg dose you use the whole amp.

    The syringe is measured in ml, but in this case you just empty the vial, should be about 1 ml hopefully !

    22 gauge needle is ok, but depending on where you intend to inject the length of the needle is also important. ie 1.5 inch glutes, 1.0 inch most other places for example.

    You shouldn't have any problem drawing with a 22g.

    If you touch the amp it will blunt the needle so it would be better to change the needle to inject, you dont have to, but it would be better.

    Hope I've answered most of your questions, if not keep on asking !!!

    Are you only running sust is the only thing I'd be dubious about !


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    i would do more research on sus before you start, you will see that 250 per week once a week wont be a good choice. sus should be done eod to take full advantage every 3days at most. u cant split an amp in 1/2 too easy so i would up to 1 amp every 3 days to get max effects. if u want to keep it low on 1st cycle than maybe try some othe test what can be taken every 7 days just my thoughts

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    my cycle of sus250 once a week was actually not bad from my experience...(my first time using sus)
    i gained at least 40lbs in that cycle, though, i did have deca and dbols with it...but, of course the next cycle i did up the sus to 500....

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    Quote Originally Posted by AverageJoetoo
    What in God's name did you bump this relic for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotSmall
    What in God's name did you bump this relic for?


    Sometimes people do searches and dont realize how old the threads are.........

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