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    Revised: 1st Cycle.

    Age 22.
    Weight 170 at 18%
    Height 5,10

    Objective - Gain around 20lbs and keep around 15lbs.

    Training - High quality abbrieviated routine.
    Diet - Inconsistent. Sometime excellent sometimes poor.
    Sleep - Quality.

    8 week cycle:
    Test E - 500mg p/w
    Deca - 250mg p/w

    Proviron at hand.

    I need to know to what you:
    a) think of the cycle
    b) how to use proviron
    c) what other AS therapy I will need at the end to keep gains.

    Please help.

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    One other question...

    Do I need Deca ?

    How about a Test only cycle?

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    nothin wrong with a test only cycle bro. If you do run the enanthate or cypionate at 500mg/week. If you run the deca run it at 400mg/week. Also if you are running enanthate run it 11 weeks and run the deca 10 so the half lives match in the end. You may also wish to consider dbol or prop as a kick start. Get some clomid.

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    You dont need deca . Test only is fine especially for the first time.

    Run it for 10wks though.

    Id take about 50mg ED for anti-e purposes with the proviron .

    Get clomid for post cycle.

    Also have nolva on hand.

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