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    should i extend my cycle?

    I am currently running my 2nd cycle. I am in the 5th week, of
    qv test enth 250 - 500mg/ week 1-10
    qv eq - 400mg/ week 1-10
    denkyll d-bol - 30mg/ day weeks 1-4

    should i extend my test and eq to 15 weeks instead of 10? I already have the gear on hand, but i just wanted to see what you all thought.
    im 6'4 285lbs, current bench max is 385, squat around 500, and powerclean 305. im not quite sure on my current body fat, but im pretty lean for 285. thanx guys...

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    I would have ran the EQ for at least 12 weeks if not more. I would.

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