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Thread: taking a break

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    taking a break

    Just a question does anyone normally take a break(3 or 4 days) from working out after having a REALLY heavy week of lifting? really heavy weight(3to 6rep) leaves my joints feeling useless and it takes that time to recoup. Also this F**kin test has got me f**king like a jackrabbit and it is starting to effect my strength. What do you guys do?

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    Sometimes a break from the gym works wonders for me. My energy is a lot better after a week away, whether it be by choice or circumstance, Ive been away for that amount of time, and I always feel better when coming back.

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    i always take time off like that. i dont train a body part until the previous one i worked out is no longer sore, on a cycle or not. i think that lifting is just the stimulus, and adequate recovery is necessary for maximum muscle growth.

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    I don't like to do it, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Like you, I have joints that sometimes act up - especially my left shoulder. Usually I just take some Alleve (sp?) an hour before lifting and then some more before bed. On those occasions when even that doesn't cut it, I just skip the workout. Its always better to be well rested (including those over-stressed joints) than to risk further injury. And of course, when I do get back to the weight room, I always use strict form. I usually find that after the disappointment of not getting my workout in, that I am much better the next time that particular day comes around.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sin
    i think that lifting is just the stimulus, and adequate recovery is necessary for maximum muscle growth.
    Totally agree. Rest is crucial for growth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Money Boss Hustla
    Totally agree. Rest is crucial for growth.
    True! I'm a f'n hard head though, I usually train until submission. That's probably why I can't gain... I overtrain at times, I know there's been times where in 2 months I'd take 4-6 days off. I love it! Stupid, because I want to gain.


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