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Thread: fina help !

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    fina help !

    k, ive been reading alot of posts and info on fina and most say that fina takes about a month to kick in and start seeing results ! ive been running fina at about 70mg/ed with prop 70mg/ed and winny 50mg/ed and have not noticed anything but maybe a very small stregth gain ! now my main concern is if fina takes 4 weeks for you to start gaining, are you saying you gain all your mass within the last 2 weeks because fina is only run for 6 weeks ?

    second would i be experiencing a big strength gain because prop is fast acting ?

    please me out guys !!!

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    Thats why i always run my fina longer 10-12 weeks since i don't start getting pumps till week 2 and any noticible gains till week 4.

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