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    Advice for a bulking cycle

    I'm trying to put together a bulking cycle that I plan to start in about a month and was looking for some feedback on how best to use the gear that I have. Right now, I have (2) 10ml vials of Deca QV 300, (24) Anadrol50's, (40) 25mg D-bols and (40) 10mg D-bols. I am also working on getting (20) Sustanon 250's. I was considering doing a cycle something like this:

    Sustanon 500mg Wks 1-10
    Deca 600mg Wks 1-10
    Anadrol 50mg ED Wks 1-3
    Dbol 35mg ED Wks 4-8

    I already have some Nolvadex in case the need should arise during the cycle and I will be picking up some Clomid for my post cycle.

    Does this sound like too much for my second cycle? My only other cycle was a 10 week cycle in which I did 15 amps of Sustanon 250.

    My personal stats are:
    Age 33
    Ht 5'7"
    Wt 180
    BF% 10-12%

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    Two 17aa compounds run back to back, why? One or the other, not both. Run the drol for 5 weeks, save the dbol for later.

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    Okay. I personally can't handle Anadrol and Sustanon . I've done this stuff since 1992, and all I can say is "LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!" If you don't feel good, then you are probably experiencing toxicity. Don't try to blame it on something else. Toxicity will usually come from stacking oral androgens together with injectable or other oral androgens. If you feel sick during the day; Drop your anadrol or d-bol and add some more oil based testosterone to compensate. This happened to me during my first cycle of Deca , Anadrol, and Sustenon. I had to drop the Anadrol due to side effects, but I increased the Sustenon to counter that. I felt better within two days. I've never had a problem with anything else but Anadrol mixed with Sustenon; Everyone is different I suppose.

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    Choose either drol or d-bol and shorten the length a little, run your test dose higher then your deca and extend the test at least one week past your deca.

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    Is it possible to run d-bol for the first 4 weeks then take on Anadarol? Sorry if its a stupid question...I'm new to this and I only have access to those right now...Thanks guys

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    Test should be higher than the deca .

    Deca should be at least 10 weeks, preferably 12 or even longer.

    Test should run a week or two past the end of the deca.

    SUST should be injected EOD or ED.

    Better to get test E or test C in multi-use vials, for more flexible dosing and better price.

    4 weeks max on the orals. One or the other. I would prefer the dbol . 50mg/ED, split up into 5 doses. You can split the big tabs or crush them. You can follow dbol with drol, but don't exceed 4 weeks total. Split the drol dose up, as well, at least into AM and PM dose.

    With that much deca, progestin related gyno is a very real possibility. Definitely take some B6 and have some cabergoline on hand for anything over 400mg/week. Letro at fairly high dose, 2.5mg/ED for example, has been used to combat prog gyno with varying degrees of success. I used it myself and got good shrinkage and mine barely barely barely shows at all. Better yet, just drop the deca to 400 and the B6 at 100-200mg/ED should be all the insurance you need.

    Since this is not your first cycle and you presumably ran your first one without nolva and so you know something about how you react to test, you should probably go ahead and run 10mg/ED of nolva right through, to keep your HDL up. Make sure you have plenty so that you can up the dose if gyno appears.

    Don't take your first shot until you have everything you need on hand... enough syringes, pins, your clomid, sufficient nolva and B6 and/or cabergoline, letro if indicated, etc.

    Normally it is a really bad idea to plan your cycle around what you have on hand or think is available. Better to plan your cycle for optimum results and then seek out all the components of that cycle in the required quantities. If that means you just can't cycle, well, then don't until you have better connections. Slap-dash cycles put together out of a handful of this and a handful of that are crippled from the start.

    Sust is not a good thing for a beginner due to the need for EOD injections and the need to do something with the whole 250mg when you snap the amp. Stick with straight test... you can shoot cyp or E 2x/week with happy results and little sides.

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    man this post is old bdtr is in it...2003

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