A friend is taking
Week 1 25mg BD d-bols/ 300mg QV Deca / 400mg Denkall Test 400
Week 2 25mg BD d-bol/450mg QV Deca/400mg Denkall Test 400
Week 3 25mg BD d-bol/600mg QV Deca/800mg Denkall Test 400 (got test flu at this dose)
Week 4 25mg BD d-bol/600mg QV Deca/400mg Denkall Test 400 (No flu like symptoms as of yet)
He's been taking 25mg proviron and 20mg Nolvadex ED to slow down water retention and safeguard against gyno. I have two questions.
1) Has he messed up his cycle doing only one shot per week of T400?? How many times do you have to shoot it.
2) How long before you really start to see gains??
3) Can you overtrain on this cycle?? He trains six days per week for 2.5 hours.
He really wants to put on some size,but it seems as though he is doing WAY too much cardio which I heard can hamper your gains when trying to put on size.