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    Supra Masteron Test Results

    Yes boys there is REAL masteron on the market! I just tested it, it tested well, I will enclose a link to the lab report.

    Size requirements forbid me posting the lab report here, hence the link.

    The test indicated masteron, but did not state mg/ml, but in an e-mail I had with the lab, the mg/ml was 103mg/ml. It was an overseas lab, so they have a different form of lab report than we are all used too.

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    The Phone number of the lab is: 92 42 5877429. They will confirm they tested the Supra Neomasteron, However they will not release private information.

    In case anyone wanted to know. SRCS said they did not have the specs for masteron and would have to custom make a batch first to get them and wanted some outrageous fee. If anyone knows the HPLC specs for masteon please pm me.

    I too would like to see the actual listed concentration, why they didnt put it beats the hell out of me. Insead they put "drostanolone propionate as indicated" which could cause understandable confusion.

    For what its worth though, I will vouch for the authenticity of this.

    Hi AnimalB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy_Bathgate
    Hi AnimalB
    LMAO!!! thats great!

    And thanks WW and BB, good info guys

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    Nice job BB and WW!!!

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    Where you at animalB? Your uspension should be up. Maybe you can enlighten us...

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