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    dbol bridge at 12.5mg, or liquid var bridge at 20mg?

    Hey bros, Im finishing a fina/prop/winny cycle in a couple weeks. Ive researched bridges and Im still not sure either way but Im going to give it a try as Ive only gained between 10-15lbs this cycle and Im not ready to give up 5-10lbs of it. Im sure this fina is going to have me shut down hard. If this whole bridge theory turns out bogus, I'll just wirte it off as an extension of my cycle. I already have some reforvit-B dbol on hand but its in 25mg tabs, so should I split them in fours and take 6.25mg every mourning or in halves and take 12.5 every mourning? I was also thinking about running liquid var instead for the bridge, but its alot more expensive as Id need about 20mg per day, correct? Id really like to hear some opinions on dosing and which bridge to do. Thanks.

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    liquid var? Is it legit? Have you ever tried it?

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    I dont believe in the bridge.

    You will still have to deal with some muscle loss when you come off. Keeping your muscle has everything to do with re-starting your natural test levels. The longer you keep them suppresed, the harder that will be. Especially if you are using fina. Just deal with the small muscle loss, and start planning your next cycle

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