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    HGH, in my case, is it worth it?

    This post is a bit long but please read it, I need some advice.

    I'm 20 (I know I shouldn't be juicing but I did A LOT of research and choosed to do it, I know I also should waint until I hit my genetic limit, wich I'm not even close, but that's me, I rush things...), 175lbs, 13% bf. I have crappy genetics and it's hard for me to get muscle.

    I am VERY prone to gyno, I get very sore, puffy nipples after 1 shot of 500mg test or 100mg of deca . Sounds impossible but it's like that.

    After doing a couple of test cycles (sus250), first cycle at only 250mg week (stopped in the 4th week because of gyno problems), second, a 10 week cycle, 15UI of slin a day in this cycle (I know how dangerous this is), starting at 500mg/week and going all the way up to 1250mg/week (just for a couple of weeks), this time 1mg of arimidex and 50mg of proviron daily, so no gyno problems... I got some 18lbs of lean muscle with this second cycle and 2 or 3lbs of fat.
    I got hypertension (when on 1250mg/week), insomnia all trought the cycle (had to take lexotan to sleep (benzo)) spent a lot of money on HCG and clomid to get my nuts back to work and had some nasty post cycle sides.

    My point is I just recovered from this cycle and I don't want to do test again for some time, too many sides...

    I'm looking for some more 20lbs of muscle and to drop my fat to 10% in the next months, not very likely to get it but anyways...

    I was thinking some HGH + insulin + oxandrolone.
    40 or 50mg oxandrolone ED + 20UI slin ED + 4ui HGH + 300mg Legalon ED to desintoxicate the liver, that for 8 weeks, it's all I can afford.

    Some people say using HGH for less than 3 months is a waste of money, should I spend the money on more gear and forget about the HGH? The problem is I want to bulk up without using anything that can give me gyno or hypertension and I can't think of any way to do that (not using test right now).

    Any advice is appreciated.


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    not where I want to be
    i dont think you have researched at all bro. those first two were terrible cycles to pick. listen to me very carefully -and im not flamming you- STAY AWAY FROM GH AND AAS UNTIL YOU REALLY LEARN ABOUT THEM!!! until then get your diet in check and give your body a break from that abuse. no flame bro but seriously NOBODY and I mean NOBODY needs gh at 20. period

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    well, i know that hgh + slin + test = best fucking stack. but i dunno bro, i really dont know where to start. perhaps wait for some more opinions. the hgh will drop ur bf, but slin will raise it if not careful. when do u inject slin, morning or after workout ?

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    bruno, i've got VERY similar problems to you. I'm a competition bodybuilder with these problems. Recently, by my gear guru I was talked out of wasting my money on HGH. You have to stay on way too long to see any results.

    I've got a friend that uses a lot of nonaromatizable AAS because of his sides. He has reported decreased libido and limp schlong syndrome while on, but he gets his wood back about 3 weeks after post cycle therapy . Here is an example stack for him:

    - Anavar
    - Winny 50mg's EOD
    - Tren 75mg's EOD

    I don't like his cycles because of the loss of libido and no sex during and a little post cycle.

    My next gear cycle will be:
    - test prop 175mg's EOD
    - tren 75mg's EOD
    - d-bol 35mg's ED
    - Nolvadex 30mg's ED (from begining of the gear cycle until the end of post cycle therapy)
    - clomid and HCG post cycle

    Maximal estrogen suppression during ALL of the periods where gyno flares up is covered. ALso, i'd have bromocriptine available just in case my progesteronic sides flare up from the tren.

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    Yeah maybe the HGH is not a good idea for me right now...

    i dont think you have researched at all bro
    I did a LOT of research, I won't put something into my body I don't know a lot about, ever... Same for any other drugs...

    I guess it's hard to gain a lot of muscle in a cycle without using any kind of test or progesteronic AAS. Also, I would go crazy if I can get no sex while on cycle (limp dick).

    I'll get some more arimidex and go for another test based cycle in a couple of months. This is what I gonna do:

    750mg sust/week + 40mg oxandrolone ED + 15 or 20UIs slin ED (Humulin-R) + 1mg arimidex ED + 280mg legalon ED

    Thanks for the advice

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    You will be very disappointed with your results on HGH for eight weeks with little AAS. You are not going to gain 20lbs of muscle and lose ten pounds of fat. Stick to the AAS once you research more.

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