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Thread: t400 or aratest

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    t400 or aratest

    Im wondering which would be better in my current cycle the aratest or the t400, im 161lbs at 5'7 right now , ive gained about 25lbs so far on this cycle.

    50mg Anadrol ed weeks 1-2
    300mg QV Deca Nangolin weeks 1-8
    250 mg Testosterivon Depot weeks 1-12

    My problem is that i switched to taking 500 mgs of test on my 3rd week and i used up all my amps so i had to purhcuse more test real quick so as not to throw off my cycle and recently have taken in weeks 4 and 5 shots of T400 (shit hurts like a bitch) i can get a bottle of t400 and he has aratest too , which is better ?

    I was at my girls last night and she kept asking why i was limping on my right leg, the soreness was so bad from t400 i was like old wrestling injury baby

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    I'd go with the t-400 bro, yeah the soreness is a bitch, but I get the best gains from using it....Stick with it and you'll blow up, just like I did...

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