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Thread: what a rush!!!!

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    what a rush!!!!

    well i gave myself my very first injection, let me tell you bros what a rush, i can't believe it, my heart is still pounding as i type this.

    i used the direction off of AR and went step by step, i was so nervous i must of read them like a 100 times as i went through. Loading the syringe was tougher than i thought cause of the oil base so that took me awhile. Then i sat there and flicked the syringe ti get all the air bubbles to the top. Then came the poking, went right into my right glute like a hot knife through butter, pain wasn't bad at all. I pull the plunger back to check for blood and this air bubble comes in, i kinda freaked out, but i just flicked the syringe and it went to the top. So injected the 1cc right in and now i'm typing this. Just wanted to say something about to people who have done it before.


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    dude i know the feeling first tiem i ever injected i though i was gona die lol thought id injected an air bubble and i was soo freaked out but im alive so i must be doign htings right i guess by the way i cant wait till you try your shouders with water based lmao!

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    Bro, don't worry about the air bubbles when you aspirate . By moving the syringe around when you are in the muscle you will make the injection site painful. Think about it, you have a razor sharp piece of metal stuck in your glute. Your are not really getting air in the syringe, it is just pressure.

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