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    arimidex/liquidex/nolva questions

    if i am going to use test enan for 10 weeks at 400 mg/week what would be the best to do... arimidex or liquidex during the cycle or just get nolva in case i start seeing symptoms of gyno? i dont want to even have to worry about gettin symptoms so should i run nolva everyday through out cycle? what would yall do? took me a while just to decide on this simple cycle and i need to learn more about anti-e's now.
    also this is my first cycle
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    Most guys would suggest Arimidex , in my case I would use Nolva 20mg/ED.
    I also would through in some Deca for some lean solid mass.

    Good luck

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    Use both but if you have to choose one then I would use arimidex .

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