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    looking for a direction to head to with some help-->clenbuterol?

    i was just thinking of doing some clenbuterol to lose some weight, not lifting, just dieting, looking for some extra help! i know a strict diet and alot of cardio will do it! but, im getting freaking old, and lazy! need to get motivated again! i did a nice cycle last summer, but put on 29 pds, i got to big, im looking to lose weight, and get a little cut up! any help would be appreciatted! im thinking of clenbuterol, not sure what doses or how much? and any other drug that would work with it or replace it? please, any help would be very appreciatted, especially from all the old timers!

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    If you're going to be lazy, then all the clen in the world will not help you. Clen is hardly a miracle worker, trust me. Combined with propper diet/training/cardio it can be effective. Start low and work your way up to 120mcg ed. Run it 14 days on 14 days off with an ECA/NYC stack in between to prevent a crash.

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    Right On

    Right On Man Clen Nor Any As Are Miricle Drugs You Have To Be Motivated 1st Of All And I Would Also Say Do Some Weight Training Muscle Helps Your Metabolism Burn Fat
    Do A Search For The Clen Handbook On This Site Plus Do A Little More Research

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    hay guys,
    im not new here! i know i have to exercise!!! im, just saying im looking for a little extra help, while im on my way to getting motivated, and slimmer, while trying to get cut! were is the www site for the nyc?
    i had it before, i cant find it! damn!!! anyways, that is a good idea, i forgot about nyc! what size do the clen tablets come in? 20mg?
    how long should i take them for? 2 weeks on, and 2 weeks off!
    sounds like exactly what im looking for! some clen and nyc! perfect!
    somebody reply back with the www site for nyc, thanks...

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