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    Loss appettite and!!!!

    I came off the juice about 6 months ago. I went from 140 to 175 and was doing a good job maintaining until this summer heat hit. I am now down to 155 and can not eat anything. I have though been working outside and putting in 60+ a week. making it impossible to get good workouts. Anything I can do to get through this period without losing all my gains????????????

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    Force yourself to eat. Supplement your diet w/ protein shakes. Take meal replacement bars w/ you to work. Take a No-doze or Xenadrine 30min before you work out for energy. Creatine, ect. It will work. Bare w/ it.
    What kind of cycle did you do?

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    Dude, just eat. I'm eating 10 meals a day, enough to literally stuff over 4 people to the brim. I feel like I have to puke by the end but I force it down because I know those calories are essential for me to grow. I HATE eating this much, but i do it. Split up your meals into smaller portions, say 6 a day or so it's easier on your stomach. Also try and get more sleep in if at all possible.

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    Try some vit. b-12, that will increase your appetite, also you might want to split up your meals into smaller portions as bdtr said.

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