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    Angry Source trouble...maybe customs.. Big ?

    Hey bros;

    Some of you guys may be familair with my situation from earlier posts on a different thread, but here it is. It has been 8 weeks out from an INT. source which usually takes 10 days. No letter and no order. The source said they would reship free with a letter and 50% off without one. So far they are cool and respond to my questions. They feel surprised that the 2 seperate packages have gone missing. Anyways what should I do? Basically here are my concerns? If I get the letter should I use the same address? Should I even chance a 2nd time around without letter 50% off and what if that never comes and I am out 150%. Here is the killer, what if my order shows up in next few days. I would feel very uneasy about that. Is the letter always sent out? Can someone who give me some sound advice. I am a little worried and posting this makes me even more edgy.


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    Ive never heard of a package being seized with out them sending a letter. I think there is a federal law that says they have to give you a chance to defend yourself. I may be wrong.

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    Is your source trusted and well respected? If so then I would say wait a couple of more weeks then do the 50% off deal. It is a fair deal with no customs letter. I might get a new PO just to be sure.

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