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Thread: hgh effects?

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    hgh effects?

    I can not find a exact answer. Does supplementing HGH (in whatever amount) shut down the bodies natural HGH production as with Test. So if we make between .5 and 1.5 IU of GH naturally a day and we supp. 4iu does this mean we are getting about 5 IU a day combined. And I guess the next question is once we stop taking HGH will future natural production be hindered at all.

    thanks guys

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    From all the research I have gathered, once you stop HGH, your natural HGH isn't hindered. Our body produce between. .5 1.5 units of HGH during the first 2 hours of sleep. There are a lot of arguments stating when you should take it. Some people will say take it in the mornings, so you don't surpress your natural HGH at night, while others will say they get better results at night. I take 2uis in the morning, but I"m only in my 4th week so its to early to tell...If you plan on taking 4iu's, I'd split up the dosages...

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