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    "Don't be afraid to ask vs. Use the search button" - humble thoughts

    I think this is the right place for this post, however, MODs, feel free to move it to where you think it’s appropriate or delete it.

    Asking (identical) general questions over and over again makes it more difficult for the experts to answer them completely, sometimes (I don't blame them) just ignore them. It makes it also difficult for those who use the “search” button to find the answers needed.

    Try to run a search on clomid - you’ll get loads of replys like “do more research”, “use the search button” etc. Scanning through them to get bits and pieces of experts’ opinions is tiresome. That makes some people be hesitant asking questions, thinking “I might get the same **use the search button** response, even if I’ve done a ton of research”

    The problem here is – People ask general questions to get personalized answers – therefore, such solutions like having FAQ (offered in the past) or having links to general info about drugs wouldn’t resolve the issue completely simply because (IMO) - FAQ and info sources give you general answers.

    One of the ways to approach this issue is to create an interactive FAQ database. Where the input comes from both who ask questions and those who answer them. A user (using drop down menus, etc.) enters info such as stats, drugs, cycle duration, etc. The outcome is the summary of replies to similar questions. (past and new)

    It might take a few days to design it and even more time to put it to work and perfect it. But if it works out…… This could be one of a kind, very useful database. (IMO it could be worth MEGA $$$)

    My humble thoughts


    PS As I said feel free to move or delete this post.

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    Not a bad start. I like it. This would of saved me tons of time when I first started.
    Thanks Jason.

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