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    is there anything that can be taken while on deca to reduce water retention and acne

    i need something i can take so that i dont blow up or is there anything else i can take instead of deca that will make me stronger and gail a little weight besides winny and test prop

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    You can use liquidex, nolva... there are others if you search the board you will find them.

    The acne... u can try vit B5 (around 6 to 10mg a day), tanning, acne wash, accutane....... same thing do a search and you will find more info.

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    Hey bro, famera works well for water retension. As far as acne goes nothing OTC really worked for me. If u have insurance just make an appt. with the derm. and im sure he can help u. Thats what i finally did and mine is just about all gone. Good luck!


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