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    Thumbs up 21 week precontest cycle ?????

    Well Fellas I have finished preparing my precontest cycle. Tell me what you think. I weigh 265 now at 12 % BF would like to come into show around 230 to 240 3% BF.

    Weeks 1 & 2
    1.6 grams T200
    1.2 grams Deca

    Weeks 3 thru 7
    1.0 grams T200
    1.2 grams Deca

    Weeks 8 thru 12
    1.2 grams test cyp.
    50 mg Dbol ed

    Weeks 13-18
    50 mgs winstrol ed
    100 mgs equpoise eod
    75 mgs Test Suspension eod (alternate EQ and TS)

    I will not run any EQ druing Wk 16 and I will replace oral Winstrol with Winny V unitl after the contest.

    ECA and CLEN Starting Wk 6
    T-3 Starting week 12-16
    Provirion 100mgs ed wks 1-19.

    HCG and Clomid therapy starting on 19th week ending week 21
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    Damn, somebody has got some money to spare. Go for it bro, you know what you are doing.

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