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    Ok All You Propecia Users, Past And Present...

    I need the straight up right now! I am tired of going through the search option and reading through unresponded posts about propecia questions! I am NOT getting the answers that I need that way, so I need answers from all the Propecia users collected right here. There has to be more than a few bastards on this board that are losing their hair through roids and hereditary reasons.

    Here are some questions I had:

    1) Did Propecia work?

    2) How did it work? (Stopped thinning, stopped shedding, regrew hair, etc...) What kind of balding were you experiencing? (Thinning, falling out, frontal hairline, vertex, side of head, etc...)

    3) Did you expereince side effects? What were they? List them all, no matter how insignificant.

    4) Were you taking any topical solution, like Minixonil, Nizirol, Spiro?

    5) Did Propecia affect any gains while you were off/on juice? This one is important cause size is more important to me than hair. A big man is almost expected to be bald. What difference did you notice while doiung post therapy drugs and Propecia?

    Thats it, thanks to all the bros who took the time to answer. If you are taking Propecia and just viewed this post without answering, than damn you to hell! lol
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