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    Red Dragon Suspension 200

    I just picked up a 2 bottles of 10ml 200mg tesosterone Suspension made by Red Dragon its manufactured and distributed by Rhone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Canada exp. Jan 2006, lot# 2223
    Sorry no Camera to take picture as of yet. Anybody heard of this Stuff it has a blue flip off cap its underground gear forsure

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    Never heard of it. Is is water based?

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    The bottle I saw was 30ml

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    What I know about this is it is underground gear made from Chinas powders. Very dirty and Very underdosed. I knew one person who was "supposedly" taking 1000mgs/week of Cyp (or enanthate cant remember now) and 8 weeks later he had NO gains and NO weight increases. There is a guy going around to many boards who is selling this product under this name and you shoul all beware. One 2 boards I am personally on, there is a person that claims to be on huge doses of it and claims it to be working great in order to try and scam people into buying this product. Stay away! That is my 2CC's on this topic. PEACE! ROCK

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