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    Ok bros, Need some help!!!

    Stats 5"8 205 9%bf 21yrs. Im on my 3rd cycle.
    Deca 400mgs ew. 1-10
    Sust 500mgs. eod. 1-10
    Dbol . 35mgs 1-4.

    Ok, here is where i need some advise. Im done with this cycle gained 22 pounds and great strength gains. But i have some tren and prop on hand right now and im about a week into the tren and loving every minute of it. Guys, i dont want to stop just yet LOL. What i wanted to do is run the tren and prop for 8 more weeks then break. I was thinking of running the tren 75mgs ed and prop. 50mgs ed. But i do want to have kids in a few years. Please I need some good advise. And yes of course i have clomid post cycle.

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    ...i, i dont think you should bridge a cycle like that..hold on for a couple of month or atleast until you finsh clomid therapy , then hit that 8 week cycle up..and run it like 100 eod or 50mg a day..depending if you want to stick yourself that many times

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