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    please take a look at 2nd cycle

    About to start second cycle and need some advice......first cycle was dbol for 4wks(25mgs ed) and sust 250/wk for 8wks....blew up like a water balloon from the dbol and was up 15lbs....strength went up but not anything drastic, took nolvadex and finished with clomid therapy retained about 5-8lbs...right now about 171 and not sure about bf anymore..but ectomorph build.
    my new cycle is looking like:
    anavar at around 25mg ed...for 6wks or 8wks?
    deca or EQ for 10wks at 400mgs/wk
    nolvadex on hand and clomid post therapy
    looking for suggestions on the anavar dosage and length cause the stuff isnt cheap(Nanshang Co.)...and the EQ(boldabol)....Deca would be basically which deca or eq.....(sensitive to water gains)......and should i add anything else into this cycle like a test or dbol(really liked the dbol pumps and stength gains)....looking for more solid strength gains and some more weight.

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    just wondering why you posted this :

    only 16 minutes after this thread was created ?? no need for a redundant thread. if you're that impatient, just quick reply with bump

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