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    Contradicting advise on anti-es!!!!!

    I'm hearing alot of contradicting opinions and advise about anti-es. Sounds like some of it is a matter of opinion and the way your body reacts. An individual thing you might say.

    But heres my question? Isn't estrogen highest at the end of the cycle? If so do any of you guys just take anti-es at the end of your cycles and keep nolvadex on hand in case gyno appears during your cycle?

    I would certainly like to know the answer to the question. Surely somebody has to know!!

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    just take the anti-es during ur cycle and ull be happy =). at the end of the cycle estrogen will be vey very high, of course u need anti--es like clomid/novaldex to block estrogen, cause if u dont block estrogen it surpresses ur natural test and the cortisol destroys ur muscle. u lose all ur gains.

    as most people say itis better to be safer than sorry ! over the last week i have seen lik 10 threads on anti-es alone. just take them, ull be happy with ur gains, trust me !

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    I don't really think there is conflicting info by most on anti-e's. While they can change lipid profiles the benefits from lowering BP, minimizing water retention, and of course prevention of gyno and other estrogen related problems make running anti-e's throughout a cycle and PCT the wise move for anyone.

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    I agree with Mr. Biceps. There is a ton of contradictary info on Anti-E's, especially on Nolvadex vs. Clomid. It seems to be about a 50/50 split regarding the opinion that they do exactly the same thing or not. Some say run Nolvadex during your cycle and Clomid must be used post cycle. Others say Nolvadex can be used for both and it is stronger with less side affects. These are just two differing opinions. I hear both of these all the time and alot less frequently, I hear differing opinions on the necessity of HCG , Provorin, and Arimidex . The debate is usually which ones compete for receptors, which ones actually inhibit estrogen production, and which ones stimulate normal testosterone production. Thus, creating a debate about what should be used during and post cycle recovery.

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    It's my opinion that you really have to do what's right for you. It's ok to read the prevailing opinions, but when it comes right down to it, you have to be responsible for yourself.

    I personally have never included an anti-aromatase or a SERM during any of my cycles. I'm currently running 750mg/wk of test E with dbol @ 20mg/day after running a Deca /Test E stack (400mg/500mg weekly). But I have many cycles (cautious ones too) and several years of experience, so I am pretty familiar with what sides I can expect from certain compounds.

    If you are unwilling to start with low doses and gradually work your way into heavier ones over the couse of several years, then running a SERM like nolvadex to potentially prevent gyno problems may be your only choice. I prefer to walk before I run, though.

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