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    Couple of questions!

    Just a couple of questions,

    When injecting HGH with a Slin dart subqutaneously, do you just pinch the fat and inject into it or do you pinch the fat, pull it up and inject under it?

    I always put all my gear into my thighs but this week, I have started a new course of gear along with some growth. The Sus250 is going into my thigh and the other gear will when I get round to that stage. BOY does this shit hurt in my leg - I couldn't crouch down for 4 days! I thought that test prop was supposed to be bad but this shit is much worse(Organon)

    Is it okay to inject into the side of the leg? Normally I go into the quad, but now I think I have too much scar tissue there and need to find an alternative spot. I don't fancy my butt much as I had a bad experience there where I hit a sciatic nerve and couldn't walk properly for about a week

    Any help here would be appreciated! Cheers

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    I would just pinch and inject.

    Why dont you look other places bro, shoulders are real easy to inject and triceps/biceps too.

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