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    injury while on cycle

    I'm gonna be doing my first cycle soon, and it occured to me at the gym today, what do I do if i'm in the middle of my cycle and I pull a major muscle, like my back or something? I thought for sure I should stop, but then after re-thinking that, I thought maybe I should keep going and just do anything that won't hurt me.
    Anyways, I wanted to get your pro opinions! thanks bros

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    This is a pretty open ended question if you ask me! Of course you're going to stop if you seriously injure yourself, but small muscle strains and pulls heal relatively quickly. If I were you I’d make sure that I was extra careful with my form and technique, but don't treat your body like its a delicate flower either. Remember you're gonna have to work at it to get the look and strength you so desire. Depending what you're taking as well. Certain drugs like deca , test, etc are great for injuries because they envelop your joints with water and fluids in order to minimize injury. At the same time though don't let that lull you into a false sense of security that you are indestructible. That’s how a lot of these injuries occur.

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