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    What happens if you inject...

    ...and miss the muscle?
    I did my first inject today and it ended up being a little outside (higher) than the "square" they have on the first pic on spotinjections (warning: graphic content.)
    I (think) I aspirated, and anyway it's an hour later now and I haven't had an ebolism.
    But it's getting pretty sore and the gear is human grade from a legit U.S. based pharmacy so I was not expecting this.
    Did I miss the muscle? Thanks.

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    It's pretty hard to miss the muscle bro. Pretty much every part of you body is covered in a layer of muscle fiber

    The spot injections site offers a guide to the approx. area. It doesn't mean you have to hit that exact spot or you screw up the injection

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    Hey bro, as long as u aspirate and feel back preasure u know ur in the muscle.


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