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    Next Cycle Do I need to change anything

    My next cycle will be:
    week1-10 300mg/w of deca
    week1-10 1cc/w of sus350 from PVL
    week1-10 2cc/w of test cyp 500mg total a week
    week1-3anadrol 50 from WP going 50/100/100
    I will have novas and clomid for the end.
    Do i need to change anything gear wise or am i on a good track to put on about 15-20 of solid gains. my previous exp is a winny/tren /prop combo from Gard and sus 350. I will also be eating pretty clean during the cycle like I should.

    any help on this will be apprecitated

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    Run the drol 50mg ED for 5wks instead. I think youll like the results better with less sides.

    Looks good though Dont forget to run your anti-es throughout the entire cycle, get some liver protector while on drol (rALA, NAC, or Tylers are my choices), and check your blood pressure often.

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