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    please answer cylcle question! hurry

    I am starting a cycle shortly and I know I have to use test as a base. I
    am going to do a cutting cylce. I know that my question is going to be very vague but please answer anyway. Which product would you rather have cypionate test 200mg. or propinate test 200mg. Both products are from QV. I am going to take alot of EQ and winny and I just want to know which test is used for a better base. I want to lose weight. Please any input would be helpful so just respond Thank YOU

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    not where I want to be
    you want to loose weight? why are you taking AAS? Prop is better for cutting but I think your diet is the maybe the problem? get a clean diet and good cardio for weight loss, not test eq and winny.

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    Aug 2003


    iwant to lose wieght and gain lean mass. I HAVE TAKEN PREVIOUS CYCLES BEFORE i just want to know which one is better

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    Neither. Testosterone is testosterone.

    Its only a personal preference.

    If you run your proper anti-es like you should be, bloat will be about the same with both.

    Traditionally though, most like prop in cutting cycles.

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    I didnt know qv made a 200mg prop?

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    Why wouldn't you use Prop for cutting? It's fast acting. Sounds like you need to do more research. What is your layout?

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