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Thread: Help Me Please

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    Help Me Please

    Ok i jus got 120 pink thai d-bols and i have a couple questions. I read they can affect your heart and i wonder if they can be life threataning in anyway. I suffer from severe anxiety and i am a hypocondriact Is this bad anxiety and d-bols? I did 80 of them about a yr ago and lost all my gains i was wondering if clomid would be helpful. And how much gains i should expext taking 20 mg (4)pills a day for 30 days. And if i could still drink on the weekends and enjoy some vicodins now and then lol. Any feedback is apprecitated from you veteraned juice heads. Thanks.

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    i would go light if i were you .. but i wouldnt take just d-bol i would run test with it.. thing is... its alot of water...and if you have test with it..its water and mass... so more room to grow...25mg is fine.. but d-bol only cycles dont hardly give you gains to keep at all if any..

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    bro, dont do a dbol only cycle, you will gain and then lose it.

    what are your stats?

    dbol and your liver arent friends and thats why most guys only run it for 4 weeks at a moderate dose, with milk thistle to help their liver's out.

    drinking is out of the question, your liver is under enough stress while on.

    alot of guys will tell you, you dont have a real cycle without test. so add some test like cyp or enathate at like 500mg for 10 weeks and dbol to kick start it.

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    i'm of the opinion that you shouldnt even think about doing any kind of aas until you have the other issues under control.

    that being said, i dont think dbol only is for you. its hard on the body, and losing some gains at the end could be detrimental to your psyche.

    i'd leave this alone for now.........

    peace I4L

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