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    taking clen while sick

    Hey bros, Im just starting my post-cycle meds and Ive gotten sick. Im taking clen as well but Im wondering if I should stop the clen. Basically, is clen demanding on the immune system as it speeds things up?

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    Under your bed.

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    ok experience.DO NOT TRY THIS!!!

    i had a 101 fever, went to soundfactory on 120 mcgs of clen and did like i think 4 hits of e and came home the nect day completely fine.fever gone.i mean i sweat like i was gonna die even while drinking prob 3 gallons of water in about 13 hours, but i didn't die!!prob should have....

    i wouldn't take clen if you have a';s gonna up your body temp slightly and you never know how slight is enough to fuck you up.JMO

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    i guess it really depends how sick you are bro...when you take clen it raises the temp of your body, your already sick plus if your metabolism is increased your burning alot of calories, calories you probobally need to supply your body's cells with my guess would be to stop it if your really sick or atleast drop down on your dosage...Madmax

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