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Thread: 2nd cycle help

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    jfresh0427 is offline New Member
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    Jul 2003

    2nd cycle help

    looking to do my second cycle 1 st cycle was just deca 300 every 4th day for 10 weeks loved the gains looking to do some sust 250 for 2nd cycle could someone tell me how this sounds:
    wks 1-2 500mgs a wk
    wks 3-6 750mgs a wk
    wks 7-8 500mgs a wk
    clomid week after last shot full wk
    can anyone tell me what i should gain from this.

    27 yrs old 5'10" 198lbs

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    custom fit is offline Member
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    May 2003
    not too far from you
    reverse weeks 3-6 dosage with 1-2. I would rather load up rather than taper.

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    yea dude..there is really no need to pyramid it..even if it is that little bit...there is clomid now to help with that...ive be told that they used to pyramid it back in the day because it made it a little easier on you to keep your gains(just what ive heard)...but if you do want to take a dose up to 750mg should front load your first 2 weeks with that much and then run 500 for the rest..and run it 500mg for 10 weeks... just my opinion..keep us updated

    by the way i was agreeing with custom fit

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    Shoot 250mg E3D for 10wks.
    Clomid 3wks after last injection

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    jfresh0427 is offline New Member
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    Jul 2003
    thanks bro's will do

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