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    Exclamation Correct dosage for Sust 250 EOD?

    Im planning my next cycle out. Im trying to decide to do either Test Propionate or Sustanon . I will do either one EOD. I have done a Sust 250 only cycle w/ little to no water retention. I did it 2x a week,but I have since learned due to blood levels to do it eod. Im leaning a little more to doing Sust cause Ive taken it before,but

    1.I dont know what dosage to take Sust eod?

    Im thinking something like this:
    M W Fr Su (week) 125mg each day
    T Th Sat (week) 175 mg each day

    That will mean 500mg the 4 day split week and 525mg the 3 day split week. I dont think 25 more mg's that week will make a big difference do yall?

    What do yall think about my cycle?
    EQ-500mg 1-10

    Sust 250-500 mg 1-10

    Winny- 50 mg ed 8-13

    Clenbuterol --(post cyle 8 weeks. 2 weeks on 2 off)

    Clomid 2 days after last winny injection

    Ok here are my stats:
    Im 5'6, 21 years old, 186 lbs, and 11% bf. Ive been training hard for 4 years.

    My goals are to:
    lose body fat %'s (Id like to get at 5%)
    I would also like to gain about 25 lbs of lean muscle.

    My diet:
    Consists of high protein,low carb. I've had a pretty clean diet my whole life.

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    If you're gonna use eod shots anyway, might as well go with prop, as youll see gains quicker, it can be ran closer to clomid with the winny and levels will definately be constant throughout. 1.5cc's EOD will do for your desired dose.

    The EQ dose is fine, just take the prop to week 13 along with the winny. Winny dose is fine and the clomid/clen looks good. You might want to think of of running an anti e such as Arimidex thoughout at maybe .5mg ED

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    well good luck to you, if you want to gain 25 pounds of lean muscle as well as drop down to 5% bodyfat at the same time. Eq needs to be run at least 12 weeks, and if your going to run test prop it should be done ed not eod. As for your diet why low carbs? How do you expect to blast through your workouts when you don't have any energy?

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    Sus EOD is A LOT of test. I don't like Sus because it's just set up so stupid. You actually would need to run it EOD to get the most use out of it, I still wouldn't though, not at this point in the game.

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    I went in using 500 mgs of sust every 3.5 days.
    I saw a post saying you need it EOD. I just made it simple and upped it to 750 mon 250 wed 250 fri 250. Only 5 weeks in. It might be too much. I will see how it goes..

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    Thanks for your responds. I have really good genetics and can lose muscle and gain mass at the same time. I have always had six pack,have put on 40 lbs on muscle and my bf nardly goes up. So I think for me at least this can be achievable. Just have to finally start doing cardio...that Ive never done and take some good medicine lol. I plan to run liquidex the whole cycle through clomid as well. I might extend the EQ to 12 like NJ said though.

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    Hey Slyder the way that I had figured it out might be able to work and that's what im trying to find out. Yeah, its true Sust is set up kinda stupid,but at the way I have it set up i'll be taking in about 500 mgs a week. What do yall think?
    M W Fr Su (week) 125mg each day=500 a week
    T Th Sat (week) 175 mg each day=525 a week.

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    If you don't mind being a pin cushion, 125 mgs eod would be more effective.

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    LI, NY kidd!!
    im on my fourth week of organon.....250 mg every 3 days....i think everything is going fine....also you have to inject atleast every 3 days to get ur use from it....EOD is just a tad too much test

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    Quote Originally Posted by juststarting
    I have really good genetics and can lose muscle and gain mass at the same time. .
    Thats pretty impressive, although I dont try to lose muscle when gaining mass

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    E3D is also fine with Sustanon .

    250mg EOD = 375mg E3D = 875/wk
    125mg EOD = 437.5mg/wk
    250 E3D = 583.3mg/wk

    Pick your level. Prop alone I would go EOD max.

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