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Thread: EQ for bulking?

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    EQ for bulking?

    I used EQ for the first time to cut this passed summer. It sucked. My diet was in check, and I was not impressed. Winny blows it out of the water. is it any good for bulking? I was thinking about running this fall with D-bol, Cyp and Fina. I'd rather Deca , but don't wanna run deca and fina in the same cycle.

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    I'd say that is a go, and I think you will like it alot with that cycle.

    What are your planned dosages.

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    I think eq has it's place in a bulking cycle for two primary reasons:
    1. The Hunger. It's often said that everyone thinks they're a big eater until they meet an actual big eater. On eq, you really don't, in my experience, have any choice but to be a big eater. To be anything less is almost painful.
    2. Increased collagen synthesis. I know deca gets the big vote as being ideal for joint protection and such, but while researching the two compounds (deca and eq) it came to be my understanding that collagen synthesis is almost twice as enhanced in eq as in deca. While you may not get the joint lubrication you would with deca, you're getting a safety cushion of sorts at the tendon and ligament level if i've done my research correctly. The few people i've known with really bad aas experiences tend to incriminate the strength of their muscles exceeding the ability of their tendons and ligaments to compensate for such strength gains as the reasons for their bad experience (universally an injury right when coming off or towards the end of the cycle). Without fail, none had deca or eq...though, as stated above, i think eq is actually better on the whole for such a purpose.

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    Eq over Deca IMO.

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