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    Nandrolone phenylprop compared to Fina

    Kind of a rogue comparrison, but in terms of a cutting cycle which one do you think would be better?

    Any first hand experiences with this type of nandrolone ?

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    Nandrolone is more anabolic than trenbolone . Only difference between nandro phenylprop and nandro decanoate is the ester, and maybe less water retention. the drug should work the same. i guess it would be like comparing test prop to test cyp. test is test, nandrolone is nandrolone. for cutting, i would use fina myself because it keeps me very hard and vascular.

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    Trenbolone and Nandrolone are different chemical structures. BUT they are both nors that aromatize to progesterone.

    Nandrolone is more anabolic (building properties) than androgenic (male-like effects). Trenbolone is more androgenic/anabolic than your most endogenous anabolic hormone, testosterone . I am unsure how trenbolone's anabolic activity compares to Nandrolone, but it is certainly more androgenic and has shown many times over as a potent addition to many cutting cycles.

    For cutting, trenbolone gets my vote as the better option.
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    Well it's not the Nandrolone is more anabolic but it has a higher ratio of anabolism to androgenic side effect, i belive it somewhere aroung 3:1 3 times more anabolic then androgenic, tren has a 1:1 ratio however it has a higher affinity to androgen receptor making it much more powerfull the nandrolone or test, it actually 3 times more anabolic and androgenic then test...tren is better choice for cutting, however not for a first time user or beginer, in that case i would use the nandrolone phenylpropinate...XXL

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