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    Question question on delt injection

    I have sustanon 300 from **, i have injected 1 cc in each delt over the past week, i rubbed the area out really good after each shot, I have no pain in delt, justb a little sensitive to touch not real pain. does this mean the quality to be bad since there is no pain from the sust, or is it just becuase im only doing 1 cc at a time , thanks

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    Maybe you have a higher pain thresh hold then some of the girlie man on AR

    If i remember correct ** sust shouldnt hurt as much as it did before. If you have a good source it´s probly good stuff.

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    I asked the SAME exact question from SUST.
    I heard the oil was supposed to burn for awhile
    I wondered if the gear was fake.
    Either the gear is fake or under dosed
    Or, we just dont feel it like other people.
    Other people are also sore from just normal needle injections
    I cant even feel the needle going in.
    I dont do my injections. Didnt know the injection was done a few times.
    It just depends

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    I don't feel any pain from sus although I have never used **'s version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickson
    I don't feel any pain from sus although I have never used **'s version.

    Is that "**" an actual name of a AS. I've seen that symbol before but thought it was someone blocking out the name.

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