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    Tendonitis and Gear

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the affects of steroids on tendonitis? I have been plagued by chronic tendonitis of the shoulder (rotator cuff) for several years. As of lately, it was feeling pretty good and I was about to begin my first cycle. Unfortunately, while doing bench press a couple of days ago, I got a severe pain in my shoulder. It is worse than ever and does not seem to be going away anytime soon. I have an appointment to see a Dr. just to make sure that it is not something else but I need to know if there is a cycle that will help to eliminate tendonitis.

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    ive got it bad in my left elbow.they say sause does nothing for tendons and ligaments,but on my off cycles the pain is unbareble.when im on any thing ,i get thru my thing 4 joint problems is 1mg per lb of bodywieght of deca . i also megadose glucosamine and chondritin and fatty acids. theres aproduct called beyond glucosamine made by a company called inholtra. my 76 year old dad has rhumatoid arthritis and he swears by it. he gets it from some mail order place called swanson. hope that helps you out bro!!!

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    not too far from you
    I have been having really bad pains in my right shoulder and it is only when I do shoulders, and alittle when I do chest.

    It get very tight, so tight it's hard for me to lift my arm up past my shoulders. After 30 min or so the pain and tightness subsides.

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